Friday, February 25, 2011

After two years

Two years of Random tower of games: soo much time on this hobby!

In last years I've done a great work in understanding basic of making games, changed blog template, released Zombie Employee and make new games:

Pong: build with Java on top of my marte engine framework (I promise to release it as open source soon!) is just an experiment. But with this little game done, I master basic stuff! Player controls, collision check and response :D

Escape from colors: an old project released and completed. Something strange but fun, maybe sometimes I'll make a flash version of it!

Airheat: not a perfect game, but different from my other games! Idea came one day... build a game without violence but with some fun? Airheat was a response!

RandomLd19: my entry for LudumDare compo 19 is a non-sense game where there is no path or explanation. You must discover all game mechanics and fight letters around. A good review on compo and some comments let me understand that games don't need stellare graphics at all, because many players wants only to master a game and understand it, something to think about it!

Again, the same question:
It was worth the effort?
My answer is YES, AGAIN!

Not only programming videogames is fun, but you can meet people and learn many things:

My two-years lessons:
1) basics are important, make it solid!
2) polish a game is hard thing!
3) focus on little project with immediate return
4) partecipate on compos or contests, force you to complete a game
5) make games is important, creativity is important
6) different games, different gameplay even non-sense one!

What for next year? Make games! :D

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