Roguelike tutorial

Hello to everyone wants to learn!
In this new series of tutorial my plan is to design, develop and share with anyone my experience in building a roguelike with MarteEngine,

I will use this post as summary for all the series, for now I have planned this tutorials for:

  1. Project setup, HelloWorld, distribution
  2. Resources, Menu and Game worlds, Hero and Walls
  3. Camera and random caves
  4. Creature and CreatureAi, Hero and digging
  5. Stationary monsters!
  6. Hitpoints, combat, messages
  7. More levels
  8. Concept, Line, Field of view, Fog of war
  9. Wandering monsters!
  10. Items, inventory and inventory screen
  11. Hunger and food


Why this series?
Because I've learned so much from Trystan's series and I want to expand his work using my library, MarteEngine (here Trystan's roguelike summary)

Why use Java, Slick, MarteEngine and not another language or game development library?
Because I've a lot of experience with it and I think this is a great learning experience

Your english is n00b!
I know that, but most parte of this series will be code, so anyone can follow me!

I like code, where is it?
Any steps of this series will have a downloadable content

Why game development?
Because force programmer to think. Develop a game is not a easy task and in my experience you can learn a lot and adapt in another part of your professional life and .. wow, you can play a game in the end!

Why roguelike, try a 3d mmorpg instead!
I'm not a professionist in game development and I haven't so much time. You must always remembeer this: it's better use my time in develop (and learn) from a little project that starts a big project will never ends!