Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Global Warming: point of no return


Global Warming: point of no return
a print and play board game for 1-6 players

Global Warming: point of no return is set in a future earth 205x when ice melted and reshaped world geography. Old states are no more and now global climate crisis demand a response at continental level. Five powerful figures emerge from the chaos and try to solve local and global problems in order to preserve world's natural resources, the only way humanity can surive. United Nation (UN) secretary help in this process.


I've made this game during 2021 solitarie board game contest on Bgg ( more info here ) and I've decided to focus on a board game with a mix of hand building, resource management and engine building.

It's possible to read the Work in progress thread here (WIP) with all updates and reasoning behind the game. So far game it's playable, a little bit hard ( but I think this is expected ) and you have to print and cut low components and provide some dice in order to play.

You can download the game here:


Disclaimer: Global warming is a serious issue. Game's goal is to make people think about this topic and understand connections between separated events in the world can lead to a global catastrophe (at least from human perspective)

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