Saturday, February 26, 2011

MarteEngine 0.2

MarteEngine (ME) is a Java videogame engine with it's focus on a simple, clean API for fast game development.

Major inspiration comes from (Flashpunk) and (Slick forum).

Authors are Alberto "Gornova" Martinelli and Thomas "Tommy" Haaks


  • entity based framework: everything in your game is an Entity, many things are already coded, no reinventing the wheel anymore!

    • basic physics
    • collision detection
    • a standard way to organize your project

  • manipulate your entities: rotate, scale, animate using tweens,

  • examples! Ready to play and easy to learn! (click to play!):

  • distribuite your game: windows exe, webstart, applet all done using ready-to-run ant tasks, fast and easy

  • based on proven libraries: Slick and Lwjgl

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