Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Now you rule #2 - inspirations

This is a new series for me a new way to create a game, sharing my thoughts, ideas as frequent and far I can, so I can get feedback fast!

Now you rule #2 - inspirations

Create everything require some kind of inspiration. In many ways we are on the shoulder of giants, people that came before us and give us ideas and new thoughts.
For my new game, main source of inspiration is the painting "Allegoria del buon e cattivo governo", but of course is not the only one.

I love also tabletop games "classics" like Risk, Monopoly and so on, but also "recent" games like Settlers of Catan or Carcassone.

Thanks, Wikimedia: Settlers of Catan in action

From these last two games I love the randomness of the game board and how every run could be different in so many ways!

I know also that build a decent AI for this kind of games, after some try on it, could be a difficult task, so I need to focus my energy build a game that is more based on player-interaction.

Labirynt: war on terror

I have recently found an interesting single/two player tabletop game, Labirynth: war on terror, a tabletop game that can be played in single player, acting the US side in the war against terrorist. Rules are a little bit complicated, but could be a starting point to create a game where your opponent or opponents, are bots. Basing on events and a flow chart, bots can "simulate" an opponent and give to the player some challenge to fight against!

Thanks for your time, see on the next update!

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