Sunday, October 15, 2017

Drone Swarm v0.1

Today after long time I've put some time together to work on a small prototype, inspired from Swarm RTS.

Drone Swarm is a single player real time strategy game where player controls a lot of small drones and fight against AI controlled players to conquer the galaxy!

You are one of the reds, btw!

In this first release there are the basic concepts

  • base stations with influence radius
  • drones that spawns regulary from base stations
  • player can control where drones goes next

My idea is to work a little bit on this small prototype in the future, in particular add a proper AI, levels and more players to interact with it. When I will have a solid foundation I hope to work on gameplaye elements and create, hopefully, something unique.

As usual source code is open source on github!

Nothing incredible, but you can try it now:


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