Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Seven day game chalenge libgdx - day 2

Hello everyone!
As you surely notice, in past few weeks I've been back on track on the blog and game development.

Having some time to dedicate on game development, I've build a small game prototype using libgdx! The challenge here is to build a proper game in 7 days and release at the end of the process.

Day 2

The game now has a name "A droid story"! I have made some thoughts about it and what I want to achieve with this game is build a small prototype with libgdx, sure, but also build a non-violent game, like some of my previous game: Gravity Duck tribute, Childhood toys, Zombie Employee.
In a droid story, player controls a small droid, alone in some complex and like in Portal games, you have to uncover the story, making progress through different levels.
In order to explain the current state of the game, I've made a little video, for the test level:

As you can see now the droid is fully animated with a four cycle walking animation and also with a standing animation (three frame, nothing impossible to do!) in all four directions.
With few lines of code I was able also to introduce a collectable piece that for now just disappear, but I want to make it count and usable on the repair station (you can see on the right).

So far is a really interesting experience, because without the pressure to make a game in a fixed amount of time (like for example in a Ludum Dare) I can work with little stress, something very valuable these times!

See you next episode!

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