Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Seven day game chalenge libgdx - day 1

Hello everyone!
As you surely notice, in past few weeks I've been back on track on the blog and game development.

Having some time to dedicate on game development, I've build a small game prototype using libgdx! The challenge here is to build a proper game in 7 days and release at the end of the process.

Day 1

Day one is mostly dedicated to get used with the library, something that before starting I've been really worried about. As always, get the right documentation, helps, demos helps, but I think here most of the result today comes from my past experiences with Slick2d and Flashpunk. So no major problems here, just results!
My setup:

- Eclipse
- Gimp
- libgdx
- Tiled
- Firefox

In few hours I've been able to draw a spritesheet, use tiled to build a simple level and write the code to load the level, parse and display all the elements. My past experiences, as I said before, help a lot and using few concept from MarteEngine   I was able to release something working.

So.. the game right now it's all about moving a small droid into a gray-wall laboratory: lonely, right? The will be also enemies, be sure of it !

So far the experience is really interesting, see you next episode!

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