Tuesday, February 21, 2017

City of the damned

City of the damned is a single player roguelike where a demon invasion occur in an unnamed city.

I suggest a play of this game, not only because roguelike is a fascinating genre of games (not only for me: dwarf fortress, FTL anyone ?)  but can be and interesting way to discover new kind of games.

In the city of the damned, you can choose between angels and demons and decide which side will win in this particular wars.
Demons have particular power (possession of humans!) and have to disguise themself in order to kill humans and become more powerful and defeat angels.
Angels on the other side, can detect demons and must all of them, protecting humans lives.

I've found these premise intriguing, mostly because demons are really challenging and satisfying side! Act like and human, hide and kill lonely ones and become more powerful, until you can become a demon and attack other powerful characters.

A really nice roguelike, that demonstrate, another time, that graphic is important but is not crucial for the player experience, if the setting, theme, game mechanics are mixed in the right way!

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