Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm back, some sort of it

Hi world! I'm back, some sort of "back", with some news. Nothing awesome, much time right now is for work and for fun around, so this my 2 new projects:

Galaxy Artifacts

Galaxy Artifacts is a 4x game. You control an entire race, trying to conquer an entire galaxy!

You will be assimilated
  4x games are hard to do, but I like whole idea, so let's try!

Github code here 


Nice name, uh? Anyway, this is my idea: drop any framework around and build a simple 2vs2 battle against computer controlled computer player. You have 2 units: an archer and warrior.

Player are blues and enemies are reds

So far works is good (IMHO) and I like idea of a small "playground" for ai. And I've found google guava a nice library to handle user and computer events.

Github code here

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