Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dwarf fortress: Into Tarn's mind

Dwarf Fortress is a game about everything: simulate, interact and conquer a fantasy world. Ambitious? Impossible? I don't know. For sure fascinating!

not native graphics...
this is Dwarf fortress!

But this is not a review of Dwarf Fortress, instead just a tip: read this interesting discussion on reddit between Tarn Adams and community.
Questions are all interesting and Tarn aswered to most of them, I've build this little word cloud to get trac of most interesting one:

created with Wordle
I'm a fan of DF, but lack of graphics (minimal!) and horrible UI (menus are impossible to use) it's a wall to any temptation to waste time on it. I'm surprised that these words are not on word cloud!

Anyway, try it Dwarf Fortress is great!

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