Monday, February 11, 2013

Gravity duck tribute - first build

You can find my last game here

It's a duck, that inverse gravity, you know..
Disclaimer: I'm not original creator of Gravity Duck concept, you can find original here, purpose of this test is make a tribute to a great puzzle platform game!

So let's begin: use arrows to move duck and X to inverse gravity

Why develop this game? Because I love platformers and puzzle games and Gravity Duck is a perfect example of both. As indie developer it's a good exercise: develop my graphical (yeah, even animations!), level design and programming skills is awesome!

Duck loves eggs, you know...

So let me know what do you think and remember this is just a test build, not final game!

  • an awesome puzzle platfomer game involving change of gravity,
  • 15 levels of fun!
  • enemies and strange devices.. you should soon explore new surfaces to run,
  •  a beta build, so you can give me feeedback!
Play it here!

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