Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mortier interview

1) Hi and welcome on randomtower of games, can introduce yourself?

Hello, to be short, I'm an IT expert but in my free time I like to continuously
learn new things and experiment with different frameworks.

2) Why develop computer games? Why do you decided to follow this path?

Because it is so much fun and it is a sort of way to express my creativity
and idea's. I'm always interested in how things are made then the next challenge
is to do it yourself and add your own interpretation.

3) When you develop a game, where your inspiration comes from?

In most of the cases, because I consider this as a hobby, I try to find a game
mechanism that could be fun to encode and which I could use to also extend it with my idea's

4) What about your next game, Heaven&Hell, where inspiration come from?

So I decided to make my own match3 game but I had no inspiration at all,
actually I gave my designer all the freedom to create whatever he wanted based
on some artwork he made. I always like to give the freedom to people I work with
because in most cases it is motivating them and results in better quality

5) What are your tools, libraries and IDE?

I've used Intellij IDEA 11, Slick and Excelsior Jet engine for the packaging
of the project. Before I've prototyped it with JavaFX because I didn't knew that
Slick existed. Slick2D is a simple set of tools wrapped around the LWJGL OpenGL
binding for Java.

6) Do you plan applet-webstart-facebook-android port for Heaven&Hell?
    Seems a good casual game, ready for casual players or not?

I do plan to port it to android, also to gain some experience on that level.
Atm I skip the idea of iPhones because there is an additional cost.
It already runs on the web via the lwjgl applet loader but it isn't published.

7) How do you organize your work? Do you have a plan, or just follow an "idea" ?

I just follow a certain idea, but it is always important to listen to people
who test your game so I try to implement most of their ideas as much as possible

8) What are plans for future? Next game will be...

The android version of H&H I guess or another casual game type.

9) When will your game be released?

I'm planning a release somewhere in the summer because there is still some
fine-tuning and tests to-do.

10) Could you suggest some good game to play?

Sure, Heaven & Hell ;) but if you are searching something more exiting MW3

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