Friday, April 27, 2012

MMO asteroid with node.js for real?

right here, right now, together

 It's incredible how much effort and work goes to innovative way to use the web.
Node.js is and incredible piece of software and helps real company to solve real problems. This is a blog about my efforts in game developmen so I'm game centric right now.
Today I'll present you a nice work: a Massive Multiplayer Online game, based on asteroid. You can play it here, in your browser.
A better explanation how things working is here
You can see the trick? Maybe not, because it's an April fool  :D

But think for a moment: we can think in a not so distant future a game based on node.js with speed and quickness of Realm of mad god ?
I think is possible: as software and web developer I can see how much work is in this area and more important, despite some rapid cycle of development of major browsers (Chrome and Firefox), standard are rising, finally!

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