Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HTML5 Games: GameMaker and Construct 2

HTML5 games are coming right into our browers and tools are rising up!
Thomas point me into two article (om his blog), with some nice points: tool is ready to develop new game and integration with existings services (Facebook for example) are en route.
It's time to develop a game with HTML5 using GameMaker?
Not yet..
GameMaker is out at 99$ but other tools, like Construct2 are 32$ (with early adopter license). My idea is not to use one tool before some great games are available.
For now there are some demos (here and here), but where are greats HTML5 games? Other than Angry Birds, of course!

Main question is: when a complete tool to design HTML5 games into our browsers? Maybe Play My code solution is the right way?

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