Monday, October 10, 2011

Fuzzy for linux

Why didn't I supported linux version of Fuzzy?

Someone on java-gaming forums ask this and It's time to answer.
First, now Fuzzy run on 64 bit versions of linux, see Fuzzy page, go download and play now!

Tecnical part.
I'm a lone developer, in a strange, little world. I'm also a Java developer, in Fuzzy case and my build and test machine is only a Windows XP. I've been able, asking some friends, to test Fuzzy on Vista and 7 and I'm confident on all windows systems Fuzzy run smooth.

Problem is Linux (Linux is not a problem, never, lazy developers are THE problem).
Before say "Fuzzy run on linux", because I try never lies, I need to test it. How? What kind of configuration? And what if someone didn't ever ask for this?
I need a virtual image, different configurations and setup, different run scripts and so on. So, I've decided to not test Linux version of Fuzzy, even Lwjgl libraries are only thing I need to change in order to play Fuzzy.. This because in past experience (JPacman), I've problems with different kind of java sun packages of linux and wasted so much time after it.

But a brave hero-developer on java gaming forum do this job for me, so why not put link on Fuzzy page?

All this post to say, thanks, woogley!

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