Sunday, January 9, 2011


SpriteJs is a framework to build games for a different range of platforms: desktop and mobile too. Last month I've talked about ImpactJS and now I can show you a little and promising framework to do similar things like ImpactJS but free!

Key point of this framework are ability to swtich between canvas (HTML5 anyone?) and normal rendering and extreeeme ease of use. To demonstrate that I've done a little HelloWorld example for SpriteJS, you can download it here.

I don't know future, but if this kind of libraries can provide secure and fast deploy way for games both players and developers will have great convenience, for example:
  • more platforms => more players (keep in mind new smarthphone, even IPhone or Htc),
  • fast time in developing => no need to compile => more time for games,
  • better Javascript and Html5 performance for major browsers => fast games,
  • browsers => no more forced on one os => more players (I'm watching you linux-gamer, I know that you exist, even for casual game!)
There are issues, I know it: first implementations on varius browser of html5 new tags (canvas on top of it) will sucks and there are problems on code obfuscating to keep my games's sources code hidden.. but are problems that will be solved.

As written before, I believe in this little "market" of open sources engines for videogame to place side by side with business options, why not?

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