Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LD19 results are out!

LudumDare 19 is now officially finished and results are out. I'm in with RandomLD19 and here there are results.
My entry have these end ratings (84 position on 133, not bad, not bad!):

  • Innovation 3.35 : I like to see these ratings because RandomLD19 is all about innovation and this is a good rating :D
  • Fun 2.10: game is not so fun because is not finished, I'll remember that, but is a decent rating this, for my first entry on LD
  • Theme 2.95: again I like this, because I'm near theme :D
  • Graphics 1.50: right, no graphics around :D
  • Audio 2.39: people like some random sounds ? I like it too :D Concept behind RandomLD19 is game entities will cause sounds, I must remember that!
  • Humor 1.55: no humor, but someone found some humor :D
  • Overall 2.55: this is a right overall rating for my entry, because game is not finished and I can expand it in many ways, so thanks people!
  • Community 3.08: I've tried 20-25 games and tried to contribuite on community :D

For other entries (IMHO) I suggest you to play:

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