Monday, November 8, 2010

Flashpunk is more alive than ever!

Flashpunk is a really good library to develop games (see my AirHeat and Zombie Employee) with flash, I've talked a lot before and develop some games with it:

- Flashpunk useful classes: sitelock, show static and moveable messages, starfield. A good idea with lot of potential, works fine with 1.4+ version of Flashpunk
- Flashpunk JRRPG Engine: impressive engine to build in simple way games like Final Fantasy 6 and Lufia. There are some useful on-going blog tutorial, to understand concept behind it.
- Flashpunk MicroRPG Engine: I've not try it, but seems to be a good starting point to developm a little rpg :D
- Flashpunk/Box2d integration for physics: do you want physics in your game? Come here! With great Box2d behind scenes, with good performance and scalability.
- Flashpunk MMORPG Engine: a massive work, just try it! Actionscript 3+ PlayerIO works together to help you in developing new great games,
- Flashpunk Advanced Platform Engine: my favorite fp-side project. A powerful set of classes to develop platforms games with flash

Do you want to develop with Flash? Try Flashpunk :D


  1. Have you thought about porting APE to Slick and Marte Engine? Should be fun and a great test run for Marte Engine and Slick ;-)


  2. This could be possible but at this state MarteEngine is just a toy too difficult to port APE to it :D Maybe in the future?