Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rouge survivor

Rouge survivor is a rouge like game in a post zombie-apocalypse: brave survivors fight against zombies in a no good-end story.
Setting is interesting and gameplay is really good (no, 3d triple AAA graphics not in this game, you can stop here.. and go to play boring games with incredible graphics!)
. Unfortunately interface is really hard to master for a casual user.. so you are warned! Good and innovative point of this game is that there are another survivors around city, collecting useful stuff and fight with you (or not!) against zombies. Every day you see light on dawn, you have a new level!
What about barricades? You can barricade in a building, destroying tables, cabinets and so on! :D Sleep could be your worst nightmare, with zombies everywhere.. and you need food to survive, right? And new weapons too :D

Keep on eye on this little game, for now is just interesting in future could be great!

P.s: you can find an interview with game author here

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