Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Procedural pirate map

A treasure ? Where ?

I've found inspiring the Procedural pirate map monthly challenge on reddit, because as usual, folks surprise me with multiple way to solve a problem and use procedural generation in a unusual way.

Some highlight from this quality collection:

  • Scallywag: source and demo , I like so much the colors ( see image on the top) and shapes, a great work!
  • Lost heaven pirate map: blog post, a nice explanation about tecnique behind the project, well done!
  • Polygonal map generation: blog post and demo, not pirate-related, but IMHO, the best explanation on how it's possible to generate a great island using Delaunay triangulation ( I've used this tecnique to build a galaxy in Galaxy Artifacts)

Thanks guys! So much inspiration for future works! Amazing!

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