Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Indie games marketing tips

I'm only an hobbist in indie game developing, but I've learned some things that works and not works on game marketing, so I'm here to share with you my toughts.

1. No one care about your game

Nice, no ? This is the reality. Many blogs, website, game companies, people around the world are building game better than you. So please, stop follow them. Make a game you like to play and care about it, because no one will care about you game, other than you and if you are lucky, some of your friend.

2. Twitter, Facebook.. forums!

Best feedback in all these years came from forums. Any really feedback/tip/idea came out from a twitter or facebook discussion, because these plaftorms are yoo much flooded about games, news, and all the univers. You have to work and find a niche. A forum where you want to share and partecipate in helping others. My choice so fare is Java gaming forum, Tigsource and Roguetemple.

3. Distribution plaforms

Make it easy for players to download your game! I've used google drive, dropbox, github, gamejolt and Itch.io and I really don't care about the plaform where I can distribuite my games.. it's more important to reach more players as possible.. or do you think anyone can find your blog and your game? Double luck ? Too much I suppose..

4. Free and opensource

I believe that as hobby, game developing must break barriers for users: money is the first one! Believe to sell your indie/side project on steam greenlight or other plaforms is .. not right. I believe more in creating connections with players and not get their money! It's more fair to develop a proper game, not a demo or a alpha/beta version, playtest it with many players and AFTER ask money.

And what about opensource ? Some of my games are opensource on github:

Some are experiment, some are games I've worked quite a bit on, but all can be downloaded, compiled and run. Why? Because when I started in developing games, find some sources to study and learn from was really difficult!

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