Monday, April 4, 2016

CryptoRL - version 1.0 is out!

Hello everyone! A major step for my roguelike, CryproRL 2, now at version 1.0 !!

In this version:

  •     add new items: sword (+1 attack) and shield (+1 defense)
  •     From Archifenix: put in menu screen that using F2 you can go fullscreen
  •     BUG From Archifenix: the text at the top is blocked from view until you repeat the same action a few times (fighting an aberration for example resulted in health being lost but the text only scrolling into view after the third or so hit)
  •     BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Sounds when the player/monster recieves damage    
  •     BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Adding health bars to mosters. The combat is hard without those
  •     added new monsters: Fungus, Shade, Ring, Formian, RedFlame, BlueFlame
  •     level balancing for new monsters

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