Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CryptoRL v0.9

Another update for my small roguelike, CryptoRl2

This time I've worked most of the time on bug hunting and add some nice light effect. I think result is good (not perfect, but good!) and add atmosphere to the game, what do you think ?

Version 0.9 features:
  •     added darker effect for already seen tiles
  •     in game now it's possibile to exit using ESC
  •     BUG solved impassable trap after activating it
  •     first hand made tileset and automatic tileset handling
  •     added transitions between states
  •     BUG    hide welcome message after first level
  •     BUG    fix blood pool rendering
  •     BUG fix double click on menu buttons
  •     BUG fixed bug on start button
  •     BUG fix objects layer (now same as entities)
  •     first draft of lighting system
  •     added squared alpha blend
  •     BUG fix camera bug
  •     BUG    avoid traps too near during generation

Play now

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