Thursday, December 13, 2012

FlashPunk 2 announced

a recent photo of Chevray, flashpunk creator

Flashpunk2 announcement!! Feature list is awesome and will be something like a "game studio" than a game library:

 Checked box. Stage3D-accelerated 2D graphics (via Starling)
 Checked box. Rigid body physics out of the box (via Nape)
 Checked box. Component-based architecture (design by component/inheritance is your choice!)
 Checked box. Easily extend Worlds/Entities/Components to add functionality (no privates)
 Checked box. Depth-sorted rendering & camera view that can rotate/zoom
 Checked box. Flexible asset & texture atlas loading (use embedded, dynamic, or external assets)
 Checked box. Rendering components (Images/Animations/Tiles/Text/Particles/etc.)
 Checked box. Physics components (RigidBody/Circles/Boxes/Polygons/etc.)
 Checked box. Timing components (Invoker/Scheduler/Tweens/etc.)
 Checked box. Tagging & grouping system to easily manage Entity collisions/interactions/querying/etc.
 Checked box. Comprehensive global utility classes for retrieving assets, object pooling, math functions, colors, saving/loading data, easing, managing input, handling filepaths, getting/setting/seeding random numbers, operating on strings, and tracking time

Most innovating topic is awesome component-based architecture (like in Artemis? we'll see, is a big topic) and camera view that can rotate and zoom!

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