Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LD24 Post mortem

Bot-Volution is a game made in 72hours by me and Nickfla1.
We decided to meet and help each other to build a little game, but nothing is perfect, right?

What went right

Graphics: I'm okay with it. Non everything is perfect but overall experience, for my experience, is good. I made sprite, trees, rocks tileset and my mate made user interfaces and icons.
User interface: nice to see, easy to use, no one have complaints about it, that's cool!
Story: nickfla1 write a good story about evolution I like it!

What went wrong

Music: we have a nice song to add, but we pospone it. After some times.. nothing was working, no music plays and so on.. so we give up.
Collisions: remember to use moveBy function, not mplement a home made solution.. so easy to use!
Grid:: forced by time, for the first time I've worked with grid .. so easy to use with a level defined with Ogmo editor Ex: during contest time (why not searched before?) I've found some nice addition to ogmo editor, named Ogmo editor Ex. Some stuff are so easy.. my standard Ogmo editor 1.x now

Lessions learned

- add music ASAP!
- create some other walk animation for player and monsters

- make more bigger sprites!
- small design first!
- at least two types of enemies!

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