Monday, October 8, 2012

Drone Defense

Drone Defense is a classic Tower Defense game: place your towers against Drones and defend Earth!

Destroy drones using your towers!

This game is only an alpha, so graphic is not so cool, controls are not perfect and you cannot upgrade your towers too, be aware! (past news here)

Download and play now for Windows! Requires Java

Some features

- controls using mouse and keyboard,
- 4 enemy types: Drone, Runner, Bomber, Carrier with 7 levels of power
- 3 tower types: foton, breeze, plasma,
- only 5 levels for now!
- music from,
- graphic by me!,

Just select your tower, place on valid (green) places and fight drones!
 Some tech info

- Java 6,
- Slick and lwjgl,
- MarteEngine 0.3,
- Nifty gui 1.3.2,

Please report bug, idea, request on comment below, thanks!

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