Friday, May 4, 2012

Cute the Rope and browser performances

I want it! And stars too!

 Cut the rope is not only a nice little game, it's a nice little browser game: you can play in your browser here.

Other than the game, I like to read behind the scenes: in particular how to build and port a game from IOs an Objective-C to Javascript.
There is a point that let me think about browser games, made with Javascript and Html5:

"Second, the current version of Chrome (version 16) has known issues related to media playback that make sound unpredictable in Cut the Rope"

This point is really important. In future most work in made games in browser could be support different versions of next Chrome orFirefox, because users (players, customers) accept to work with it, accept limitations in fuctionality but not in performance. A side effect of web related tecnologies is that everything must be on click near, in istant: no matter what.
How to get things working? I think controlling browser versions, playing my game, get an api to record performance and send to a central service could help developers, because cutting the rope must be quick.

What do you think about it?

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