Thursday, May 3, 2012

Catch the cat - swarm update

I've worked a bit lately on Catch the cat, fixing some bugs on gameplay and support on phones. In particular this time I have focused on online highscore.
To build an efficent online leaderboards I have decided to use Swarm service: I need your test to check if all is okay, then first download new version of Catch the cat from here:

Note: for this release Catch the cat require access to network permission, so be aware about that!

Anyway, after installing Catch the cat, you can access online options (if you are connected) using Login option:

Login, both online and offline mode
then login online with Swarm: create an account is a matter of seconds:

On main screen, if you have logged online with swarm or offline on your phone, can see your username:

Then you can play as always, catch cats and so on. In the end of the game, if you have logged-in before, you have your username already set:

And from main menu you can show online leaderboards:

You can notice "Test" in last screenshoot: because every leaderboards have a name, this is test leaderboard. So can you help me test this feature?
Thanks a lot!

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