Monday, November 7, 2011

Write one, run everywhere

Isn't Java a beautiful language? Free IDEs, so many frameworks a lot of books, tutorials, games and games engine (even my MarteEngine) powered by opensource and more important, you can live with it, thanks to J2EE.
But this is amazing: write with Java and create a fully working Flash games. Try it now!

Kev's idea is to write game code with Java and then, using a "script" (ant I suppose), translate it into as3 code. Idea is good and can open new ways to monetize your java game, in portals like Kongregate or Newsground and even move to most talked tecnology recently, HTML5 of course!

What do you think? Conversions of all of my games (in particulr Fuzzy) with Flash could really help me to get on more players, more feedback and more ideas

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