Monday, October 31, 2011

HTML5 winners and losers?

You couldn't like sushi.. but love toy sushi instead!

Dzone is an excellent source for many computer-related stuff, so isn't surprising I'm reading it.
Most important sometimes I found some good article, but this isn't time: in  "Changing the game: HTML5 winners and losers" there are some "good point" about HTML5. In past I've blogged about HTML5 related to games development (see here) and I'm not convinced yet (at least not completely).
Why do I support this ? Because there was a no "standard" method to programming and developing with HTML5. In every day life I'm a programer (a Java-JSF-Html-Javascript programmer for big public administrations web applications) and Html wasn't never, never a good choice at least from developer point of view (I don't care this time about AppStore stuff).

Everyone knows it? Are you sure? In some projects I've found so big coding horrors (some H.P.Lovecrafts too!) mainly 'cause Javascript is not Java or C# or C++ and many developers only think in objects.
So, when someone talks about "hire one team of web developer" isn't talking from real life experience. To develop a webapplication you must know many types of different technologies today and for at least next five years.
I agree only with one point: HTML5 could get people more fast on applications. It's like unifications in medieval kingdoms: a warlord (HTML5) fight against barons and other kings (Flash, Silverlight, html4 and so on..). After a big war, barries are removed and warlord become kings. But after many many deaths and surviving enemies. Ok, my english is poor, but you can catch idea, I'm hoping that!

HTHML5 could  be a good step into a more accessible applications, games or not, in a more multicolored world, but only with difference you can do a good job and one standard could not do anything.

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