Monday, September 19, 2011

What make great games?

After all this years playing game a good question is "What make great games?". People have different answers about this topic but will exists some common core values that define a great game?
I've found a nice exploration of this topic using a mindMap, on this site.
There are some topic that doesn't have sense even in high successful games (like minecraft, but is an example) but if you want to build or just analyze a game, you can start from this list.

I think that gameplay part is too short so I want to contribuite with some ideas:

  • gameplay
    • different mechanics used together to build new mechanics: for example jump and fire
    • don't steal what player achieved: if player have a weapon, steal it is not fair
    • show don't tell: don't force player to follow story, let player follow it (just think about Valve's games)

What do you think?

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