Monday, June 6, 2011

Introducing.. Fuzzy!

I'm working on a new platformer using Java, Slick and MarteEngine.
Features (after only 2 days of work!!):
  • basic jump, run mechanics,
  • collect stars to complete levels,
  • menu and game states,
  • some basic sounds,
  • sound control icon (on/off),
  • basic animations
  • levels designed using Tiled (3 for now)

Credits about graphics go to stencyl and for sounds to starcleaner.

For now basic gameplay is only jumping around, collect stars in any order to complete level. I'm thinking about:
  • a bonus that let Fuzzy to fly around, like super sheep in Worms2.. so player can mix platformer with a sort of shump, for a limited time
  • adding enemies (static and running),
  • add time recording, so score can be time based
Another tricky part is how to release it: applet is a must for this kind of casual, web game, but webstart could work too, what do you think about it?

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