Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fuzzy update

Fuzzy on top of a green Slime? So say hello to first Fuzzy enemy: Slime!
Slime have his/(her?) business around so don't care so much about Fuzzy, stars or platform: only care stay into game for now.

So first enemy is IN ! :D

Thanks to Tommy for support, you see best thing in this hobby is level of share and openess is possible.
I saw his Slick Competition 2011, BackToThePast an say "he have enemies, why not I ?" so just send an email and "wow" it's working. Power of MarteEngine, for now Fuzzy have stolen "only" 5/6 hours of my free time, not so bad for a platformer with enemies, right?

Next point (sum it to ones of last post):
  • enemies collision, because slime hate Fuzzy on head (head? slime? crazy slime!)
  • some random bonuses
  • work a little on level design
  • spikes around :D

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