Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top Skill to become a game developer

Today I suggest to you to read very carefully this article.
Good, now let's try to think about it.

Become a game developer, not John Doe, but a great game developer, try something simple (like Minecraft concept) and make it perfect.. and see people enjoy playing your game.
From my point of view is a really hard task. What I've learned so far is a mix of programming experience, few games that you can play on this blog and not so much.
So IMHO, top skils to become a game developer is application: only with hard work and good and planned tasks you can try something. Forget all the sites that says to you "create a games in few minutes!".
Top games, from AAA titles to indie or casual one are all made from many peoples!
So what? Don't give up and continue to try, one step at time to build your game :D

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