Friday, February 12, 2010

Zombie employee - v0.3

(See original post and first update)

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Zombie Employee

First testers says that Zombie Employee is nice, well done, but i'm ready to improve it!
Following Ashley's advice i make some moveable blocks and wow!, games now is really more intersting: is something like a puzzle/platformer game now!
As always, any feedback is appreciated, in particular about bugs and difficulty: i'm trying to build every level different, with little more challenge in everyone, but game, IMHO is too simple.
Graphics will be replaced, i think, but i'm in love with this little zombie and his strange world of gray (and blue) blocks :D

Zombie Employee

Change log:

- moveable blocks,
- gravity now affect collectable euros,
- 10 new levels,

Some random notes:

- what type of background for every level?
- what about music? any idea? something when euros are collected, but what else?
- i need a preloader for this flash game :D

As always source code are available (GPLv2 license), click to download:

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  1. you can found analisys of this game here: