Monday, February 15, 2010

War and peace

War and peace is a game about choices, in fact one. In this one button game, you decide how to research in your civilization: war or peaceful technologies?
Fast to play, good to see (graphics doesn't matter here!) and must-play for everyone interested in gameplay analysis and mechanics.
Achieve all three ends is not so simple, but is rewarding!

Try it!

Here small "interview" with Stéphane Bura, creator of War and Peace (thanks Stéphane):

Me: what is story behind this game? how do you design it ? what type of challenges behind it?

Stéphane: I developed War and Peace for the One-Button Gameplay Gamma 4 competition. I wanted to make a game in which pressing a button had a maximal amount of meaning and consequences.
The hardest part was coming up with the variables (Growth, Research and Power) and their effects. I wanted to be as faithful to Civilization as I could, while still making the game as simple as possible. Surprisingly, I was lucky enough to come up with numerical values for the various prices and behavior triggers that produced an interesting experience right from the start, so very little tweaking was needed.


  1. It has given me an idea about a game. Suppose you are a leader of a country you can make two kinds of choices: collaborating with other countries/companies or declaring war. In any case the final goal is to reach success (money, political influence, approval, happiness of your people...). Can a peaceful strategy oriented towards cooperation, symbiosis and synergis win better than a competitive and aggressive strategy?

  2. the last comment is me (Marco), sorry

  3. I think that depends on enemies and their strategies, but it's an intersting idea :D