Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zombie employee - update

Simply click on image to play:

Zombie Employee

Is really amazing like a little project like this can be so satisfy: few lines of code and little zombie is jumping around, find way to accomplish obscure non-sense task... retrieve all euros of a bad boss :D
Apart of the story (just an excuse for now to jump!), i enjoyed so much with this little prototype and as always i'm opened to new ideas, so please contribute with comments and feedback: this is a little blog, of a lone "wolf" (maybe bear?) developer, but i'm here :D

Some random notes about this game:

- adding spike is so easy! Just copy euro object, change collision type.. and i have an collidable that player can handle, amazing!
- my pixel art is not so good, but all here is mine :D
- now tricky part is to build a good gameplay: all "engine" part is here, not perfect, but i've all pieces: enemies, i'm looking to you!
- huge refactoring into source code can help in near future :D
- level are now embedded into Level.as, as arrays. This approach is bad programming or cowboy programming, as you like, but i can focus my time to make game work, not let everyone build level,
- i'm thinking about a little level generator for this game: infinite levels are enough?

click on the icon for source code of this game (licensed as GPLv2):

And see here for first blog news about it.

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