Friday, February 5, 2010

Quest system - part 4

(you can read other parts: part1 - part2 - part3)

Soldak is a little one-man company that build incredible games.
Current work is named "Din's Curse" and is the most promising game this time (like Alpha Protocol, but is AAA-Title) in quest system design.
In the forum are explained ways because "Our quest system is unique".. and i really like this system!


Two factions have been at war for a while, but now a representative of each is meeting with one another and trying to broker a truce. In a typical rpg, well neither of these things would probably be possible in the first place. In the remote case that they could, the two would sit in their location forever doing nothing until you killed them. In our game, they will only negotiate for so long. If they finish their meeting, they will declare peace with each other and possibly even declare war on the town now that they have the free time. If you can kill them both while they are still in the meeting though, their respective factions will think they have been betrayed and continue their war. And yes a war between two factions means they will fight and kill each other when they meet in the game.

Why i like this approach? Because modern games (rpg or not, is not important) lack of this prospective: don't bother player.
In this days i'm playing Borderlands: a great game, fps with some rpg element, with really cartoniish graphics, good sounds, multiplayer opportunity.. but quests is stupid, really really bothering me.
Because there is no hurry, no consequences, no failing, no real choices: all stuff that Din's promise.

I really have great hope for this game :D

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