Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A game design approach: online mindmap

Main idea is to open a collaborative-platformer-design to everyone wants to partecipate. After some toughts (and great comments by Giovanni, thanks a lot!), i'll start this collaborative effort.

Using Mind42, a powerful mindmap editor (i'll open editing to everyone wants to partecipate) i'll try to design a platformer.. with YOUR help :D

So let's start, this is first version:

If you want to partecipate, please let me know an email, so i can give you an invitation!


  1. Hi Marte,

    Sounds like an interesting project!

    I don't really have time to participate, however, I wrote a blog post about your online mindmap at my game design blog, the Handy Vandal's Almanac, with a picture and links to your site:


    Best wishes for success!

  2. Thanks Andy! So my poor english is understable :D