Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If you had a year..

Start from this post: If you had a year..

One year of free time? Hmm.. good question. I think that i will use most of my time doing nothing. I mean: one year is a big amount of time and without a target, i'll be lost?

Into my last post i realize that short time schedule (month release) are good: contest are good.. and so on.
Thinking some time about it i realize that one year is too much for me, but i have dreams like everyone:

- new action rpg like gothic/oblivion,
- a new great game running on pc, web, wii, ps3, xbox and so on,
- a little, great game, like Spelunky

Maybe a game like Spelunky, with a little community, level sharing, random mechanics gonna be a good point for a one-year-one-man project?

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