Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Axiom Contest - results

With You Can't Win in Axiom Contest .. I won !! :D
It's a joke :D

I didn't win anything, but i won the "The Upload Failed Award" what does it mean is a mistery .. until i read an obscure email send me on my email used for registration. A lesson to learn: upload every work where other upload, no matter what i think about it!

What i learn from this experience?

1) build a game in a month isn't impossibile. It's hard, but is fun!

2) build a fun, great game is really hard, but build little game, with small scope and realistic ambitions is a good experience,

3) contest are fun, have a timeline is a good point, force you to work really,

4) try to build a good infrastructure (component based) for a contest's game is not a good idea. For a contest a game need only to run, have a good backend is good, but is not the first thing,

5) shoot em up are fun, even if they are random-based. But rules for a really good random-based game (like Spelunky or Diablo) is really hard. My thoughts about it is that a good random-based game, need:

- some some "key" point into player experience. With You Can't Win my idea is to use Boss-encounters (Boss don't go down simply, but stay on screen until they die), to force player to fight against it.

- use bonuses movement(tnx Daniela!) on screen to force player to move from his corner. Force player to move is a good idea, to keep game intersting!

- enemies is not everything: for You Can't Win i add many enemies because is simple with components based approach to add new enemies. But add new bonuses, new behaviour for enemy and so on.. this is really hard. But a shooot em up is based on this,

6) i have many ideas for You Can't Win, but for time schedule i'm not able to put into final version, maybe in the future a version 2 will be released :D

I've added You Can't Win on GameJolt, here the page: You Can't Win on GameJolt

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