Sunday, January 16, 2022

Drox Operative 2 review

Galaxy out there is a dangerous place: not only for the enemy of our species, but for traps, anomalies, pirates, hunters and strange monsters.

But you are a Drox Operative, with a really powerful ship, capable of more than anyone else.

So you start exploring a star system, fight some monsters, explore anomalies and then you find a strange, alien species, doing exploration at first.. then colonization.


They don't attack you, so you decided to help them in destroy some monsters, get credits and technology in return and start to understand their needs.

Colonize planets, send convoys, escort a ship, find a valuable set of ancient technology in another star system.

After a while you get the whole picture: galaxy is filled with other species, colonizing planets, attacking each other. You complete tasks for them and get credits, weapons, more capable engines.


You don't like to take a stand for one part or another, but these hive mind insects try to attack you.

 As a member of Utopian, brutal machine defined by their efficiency, you don't think.


Attack the first hive ship is easy, then you move to clean the first colony, annihilate their defense, then surface of the planet.

No survivor, like always.

But this is not illogical, you must protect the Utopian network, this was the first order, right? In the end what matters is how much  power as Drox Operative do you have.

Nothing can stop you.. to continue. Eradicate the Hive is a long process, but convince humans to help in your war spreading rumors is easy at start. Hive are powerful, right? And other races are envious...

You speed up your effort, and destroy them.