Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Infiltration 0.0.9 Go Down that road update

In last months I have started a new project (some info on bay12 forums), called Infiltration, and my vision is:

a turn based single player asymmetric game where player take control of an agent and manipulate actors and organizations to obtain victory

You are not dead, you are not living.. yet.
Aeons ago, in a time before mith, your enemies sigil you in a realm far from reality. Weakened and far from your power, your will simply.. disappear.
One echo, from time to time, hit your dreams. Something called humanity is playing with arcane power and forgotten knowledge, part of you.
You simply awaken and take a look into the world. These "humans" will serve you as puppets in your quest to become powerful, again.

Welcome back on this Ancient evil prototype, Infiltration!

First let me thank players that provide me with feedback! Thanks! I really appreciate any feedback, report and ideas, so feel free to share your ideas!

"Go down that road" open up new possibilities for player to command corrupted humans, with a simple, but powerful new interface ( it's a joke!), but take a look down here!

First of all, not all secrete knowledge will be available in a city. I think this concept is natural for this kind of games, base on common myths. Hidden knowldge could be found in ruins, dungeons and so on, so after player discover first in a city, manipulating his puppets a new poi (point of interest) on the map will be displayed, see below!)

As you can see in city of Theros, player has corrupted Acnos, an adventurer. Now there are three icons left to actor image, and one is an arrow:

If user select this new command, can interact with a new window, where can select  where his puppet will go:

What he will find in Temple ruins?

For this release just an empty poi, but my idea here is to improve with monsters fights (aka challenges, see update 0.0.7) and new hidden pois, to increase replayability.

If you find this update interesting, go and try it now and let me know what do you think about it !

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