Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Far Cry 3 review

Thanks Ubisoft

Today I'd like to talk an "old game" ( from 2012 !!).
After many years I've found some time to play it, enjoy it and more importantly I'm able to write about it.

Far Cry 3 is an open world first person shooter. Player can see the beautiful jungle islands from his/her own eyes and run around, doing missions, killing people and try to survive!
From the start, as usual, you have few weapons, but more mission you complete, more your arsenal become powerful, more skills you are able to unlock and more deadly you are.
But I don't want to review this title from the fps perspective, because even if the shooting part is spectacular, the little touches are what I really appreciate about this title.

Immediately you are free. You can take any mission, from the "story part" or from the "open world part". You can drive, swim, run, sneak around stealing and exploring. Finding artifacts and get experience is the key to unlock new way to kill, but also to run for more time, to swim more, even to drive with more ease and get less damage from your enemies.

You are also free to explore. You can go everywhere on the first island. You don't care about the main mission? Cool, forget about it. Focus on explore and unlock "radio towers" and get informations about island.

The most enjoyable and yet not fully explored "gameplay idea" in Far Cry 3 are the enemies bases. They are everywhere on the island and you can "conquer them" killing all the guards and after that the "good boys" are the new guards and you have a nice base where you can sleep and get ammos.
Why not fully explored ? Because  even if you conquer all the enemies bases, nothing change. There is no end on the war on island .. only the ending of the main quest end the war.. and this is a waste of potential on that side.

Imagine a game where two, or more, factions are fighting each other for supremacy and the player can be the tip of the balance. 

What do you think about this amazing game? Or more in general what do you think about open world games ?

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