Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seven day game chalenge libgdx - day 5

Hello everyone!
As you surely notice, in past few weeks I've been back on track on the blog and game development.

Having some time to dedicate on game development, I've build a small game prototype using libgdx! The challenge here is to build a proper game in 7 days and release at the end of the process.


Welcome back!Today I've added the possibility for the player to move the droid using WASD other than keyboard arrows and adding basic sounds!
This is a big update, because I've been able adding two gameplay elements, to expand the puzzles available. For example using moving traps, it's possible for the player to test his reflexes while using the droid and with the teleporter, to take control the droid in different parts of the map.

In the video it's possible to see how the player, controlling the droid, can find the red key, open the door and exit from the level.. using a sequence of teleporters! I really feel satisfied with this new mechanics, helping me in adding more levels (9 in total so far!).

Thanks for your attention, see you next episode!

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