Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Making great games is more than programming

Today I've read this article from indiewatch and I've found it really interesting.
An hard lesson I've learned in years of this hobby and even now it's hard to understand and act according to it: keep it small (stupid).

I'm talking about making a videogame: for many people a dream for child or crazy people, for others a billions dollars industry. But what do you need in order to make a great games?
The article talks about Unity a great tool to make videogames, but of course you need a lot of passion, organization and design in order to build a good videogame (you can find my videogames here on the blog): I've tried and it's really hard.

But the important point in the article is you need to stay small, organize all your games elements in a coherent way (game design anyone ? ) in order to build an experience for your player!

p.s: in the bottom of the article there are a lot of great resources on the subject, take a look!

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