Sunday, January 10, 2016

Geometry Two - Ludum Dare results and postmortem

For more information about GeometryTwo, go here.

After three weeks of plays and ratings, Ludum Dare 34 is now complete! My results are amazing:

I'm proud in particular for Theme, Fun and innovation, because I don't think GeometryTwo could do so nice.. so, well done :D

What went right

  • use an already proven library, MarteEngine to maximize my strengths
  • background stellar image, done in two hours following tutorials and I really like it
  • movement, inspired from CryptoRL2
  • a fixed avatar for player means to defend in all directions, understand game rules and more important to try to anticipate enemy movements

What went wrong

  • difficulty: it's hard to get over level five and in part is something related to the game itself, but so the game seems broken ... and it's not!
  • mechanics are not completed: you can get bigger and smaller, but I really liked to add some sort of energy to control over these mechanics
  • I've put down some ideas before compo starts.. and forgot during the compo

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