Friday, August 28, 2015

CryptoRl 0.5

Try CryptoRl, my current project: a simple roguelike made in Java

one kill, more to come!
atack a giant abberation alone in a cave is not a good idea!

Download here

 In this release a lot of updates:

- add abberation: glyph A, low on motion, just wander and kill anything in range
- added visual feedback to invisibility: player is now gray
- bug on messages, review messages system,  duplicated messages when on item
- create a win condition: 5 levels alive
- added crystal, so there is some light in dark caves
- new type of monster: Stygian bird, attacks you but go away if too weak
- better instructions (I hope!)
- player can use space to wait a turn
- added invisibility potion
- added torch to enhance visibility into darkness
- various bugfixing

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