Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year resolution - 2012

One year ago, my resolution for 2012 was to build 5 games in one year and evolve one prototype. Instead last year I've developed 5 games:

Childhood Toys

Catch the cat

Drone Defense


I'm proud of this 5 games, in particulr of Childhood toys, because it's more than a game: it's a medium with a message and I'm happy playing and doing it.
Anyway, last year I've learned a lot of things:

  • a little bit of unity
  • a little bit about Android games
  • you should always do from scratch, but without enough time, you should consider libraries.. and take attention to your choices!
  • if I'm making a prototype and not working for many days.. it's lost :(
  • I should open up my code!

Develop at least one big game, where big is with many weapons, graphics, a lot of gameplay and polish it. Small games are good for learning, bad for learning how to balance and polish games!

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